Package Design

Need help designing your packaging? A well-packaged product ensures your item will arrive in the same shape it left. Plymouth Packaging provides custom packaging design from concept through production.

Our packaging engineers are among the most experienced in the corrugated industry, and our CAD / CAM software and Konsberg CAD table allow us to provide you with prototypes in record time. We will help you with every detail, right down to planning out the pallet stacking pattern and cubing out the truck.

Assembly and Fulfillment

Many businesses need more than just cartons, and our capabilities go well beyond that. Let our fulfillment center help your business with:

  • Light assembly
  • Parts packaging
  • Display building
  • Product filling
  • Marketing
  • Distribution

Our fulfillment customers ship their product to Plymouth Packaging in bulk. It then moves through our fulfillment and packaging lines for completion, and is sent to the end user for final distribution.

Box On Demand is a revolutionary way to buy corrugated packaging when your product mix requires a wide range of sizes or configurations. Any size box can be manufactured in your own facility, using highly automated machinery and continuous corrugated fanfold. Your packaging costs remain consistent regardless of box configuration, quantity or design! Visit Box On Demand to learn more about making your own custom sized boxes.